أخبار المنار

الأربعاء، أبريل 19، 2006

moment of historic birth

“At present, we are witnessing a moment of historic birth that will produce changes which together with their influence will not be confined to one place in the world.”
Perhaps, these words compose the most common phrase that has been employed by the dailies over the past decades.
Moments in history have passed, and they indeed recorded a major turn of a situation that couldn't be comprehended in the stage that preceded their occurrence.
At present, are we witnessing one of these moments?
Are we witnessing a true historic reality that must be recorded as a focal point which draws the events as a step that renders the succeeding acts as nothing but simple reactions?
After Tehran declared “its possession of the full nuclear cycle,” would it be sufficient for us to say that the path of history has begun to deviate from the line which was drawn by its so-called controllers over the past decades?
By answering “yes” or “no” in a contest between these or those who prefer this or that answer, one must first conceive the fact that what happened is one of these flashes that cannot pass without causing any dazzling or blinding effects.
Iran has accomplished the achievement; and those who have not conceived its significance until now must read carefully and thoroughly the past and succeeding events in order to realize the level of the change which this event will cause to the line graph of world reactions.
One can do nothing but acknowledge that this is a critical change as everyone agrees, although the issue differs on the side where this change is coursing.
One can humbly say that this is a change for the best.
Mahmoud Raya