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الاثنين، نوفمبر 12، 2007

The call was echoing

No Equivocation
By Mahmoud Raya (November 09, 2007)
Playing electronic games requires “relaxation”, unemployment or idleness. Someone busy with the world and the after world concerns, and someone hunting his interest and the interests of those related will not find the time to sit in front of the computer screen in order to spend the time “playing.”
Some people believe that they are running a country with a remote control, and when they meet in an illusionary session they discuss the cases of the universe, and they think that the world is being administered in this method. And they believe that thousands can move or sit still in one instance through “a simulation that took place inside a closed room.”
Computer simulation does not shake Israel and does not trigger fear inside the hearts of the leaders of Tel Aviv. Besides, it does not create a new reality that can thwart a Zionist attack on Lebanon. Instead, the true actions on the ground are the only notable issues, the efficacies of which can be analyzed.
On the other hand, those sitting in their “ivory government houses” can “simulate” the regime as they keep utter silence towards the Zionist attacks and violations that has notably widened. They know that they have to leave the action on ground to those who are familiar with the land and know how to move the men above, beneath and on each span it.
The call was echoing, and it reached To Whom It May Concern. On the other and, those sitting in the government houses should maintain their silence without their cohorts.

كان النداء صادحاً

يحتاج اللعب بالألعاب الألكترونية إلى "فضاوة بال" أو إلى بطالة وعطالة، لأن المشغول بهموم الدنيا وبهموم الاخرة، والذي يبحث عن مصلحته ومصالح المرتبطين به لا يجد وقتاً للجلوس أمام شاشة الكومبيوتر وتمضية الوقت بـ "اللعب".
البعض ممن يظنون أنهم يديرون بلداً بالريموت كونترول، وأنهم عندما يجمعون مجلسهم الوهمي يكونون في مناقشة لقضايا الكون، يتوهمون أن العالم يسير بهذه الطريقة، وأنه يمكن أن يتحرك الآلاف في لحظة واحدة وأن يسكنوا في لحظة واحدة من خلال "محاكاة تمّت في غرفة مغلقة".
المحاكاة بالكومبيوتر لا تهز إسرائيل" ولا تثير الهلع في قلوب قادة تل أبيب، وهي لا تنتج واقعاً جديداً قد يمنع عدواناً صهيونياً على لبنان، وإنما هي التحركات الحقيقية على الأرض هي التي يمكن ملاحظتها والتي يمكن تحليل مفاعيلها.
أما الجالسون في "سراياتهم العاجية" فيمكنهم أن "يُحاكوا" الحكم وهم في صمتهم المطبق تجاه الاعتداءات والانتهاكات الصهيونية التي توسعت بشكل ملحوظ، على أن يتركوا الفعل على الأرض للذين يعرفون الأرض ويعرفون كيف يحركون الرجال فوقها وتحتها وفي كل شبر منها.
لقد كان النداء صادحاً، وقد سمعه فعلاً من يهمهم الأمر.. أما أصحاب السرايات فليكتفوا بالصمت منهم.. وحولهم
محمود ريا

Israeli Failure

ChinaIn Arabic Eyes News Bulletin No 023 Opening
By Mahmoud Raya (November 09, 2007)

The Chinese are never conclusive when rejecting a certain issue, this is not their habit, especially when it relates to “The world’s gate into America,” Israel. Rapport with the U.S. cannot be improved without firstly normalizing with Israel.
Despite so, China said clearly that it rejected the “suggestions” that were carried along by the Israeli foreign secretary, while visiting China, on how to deal with the Iranian nuclear case. During her visit, she received one-toned position from the different figures whom she met in the Chinese capital city.
The magnitude of the Israeli failure in reaching the “Chinese mind” regarding this case can be noticed through the uncrowning of the visit of the Israeli official through a meeting with the Chinese president HU Jintao who would never have hesitated receiving the Israeli diplomat had he had anything new for her or had he seen anything new from her.
Besides her work as the foreign secretary, Tzipi Livni is also the deputy prime minister, which means, she represents the top of the reigning pyramid in Israel. Therefore, the Chinese President not meeting with her is a kind of a hidden rejection to her task and a declaration of the failure of the Israeli pressures in a symbolic form. Besides, there was the official declaration that was released by Chinese senior officials concerning the Israeli calls on Beijing to join the Israeli-U.S. plan to blockade Iran.
Along with the U.S. expressed “frustration” because of the Chinese and Russian disapproval of the intensification of the sanctions on Tehran, Israel is also expressing its frustration regarding this issue in particular, but using other indirect methods.
Can we regard the Chinese position regarding this case as a beginning of the emergence of a Chinese “independence” in dealing with the world major issues? This subject indicates to a qualitative leap in magnifying the Chinese geo-strategic role worldwide. Besides, can we say that Livni’s unsuccessful visit to China is a declaration of a “new international China?”
It might be early to look at the issue from this angle. However, there is no doubt that China managed to balance between its interests and has chosen the positions that suited its interests, despite the fact that this position will draw rippling effects on the Chinese rapport with Israel and the U.S.
The Chinese “NO” to Israel on the Iranian issue signals a clear Chinese siding with the East against the West; and none of the future changing stances will be able to affect the fact of this issue or even influence the strategic effects that will touch the area and the world