أخبار المنار

الخميس، يونيو 08، 2006

False victories

The Arabs have been incompetent, and have compensated for their incompetence by launching great slogans and claiming false victories as well as recording large numbers of losses within the lines of the Zionist enemy. Later, the facts came to reveal that what happened on the field was unlike the slogans, contradicted with the victories and that the numbers recorded were very far from the real numbers.
Some tried to say that this pattern of dealing with the conflict and its outcomes fountains from the Arab soul that tends to exaggerate and talk at random.
Others insisted that these Arab exaggerations represented the case of all the tardy and negligent people throughout the world, for they fill the gap of their actions with words and furnish the desert of reality with dreams.
Some Arabs never changed for reasons unknown to them. They continued in the same way and maintained the same state in which they were born and lived with their ancestors.
Some Arabs are now turning words into deeds, and their numbers are being regarded as irrefutable documents; and their evaluations of the developments have become the official story of the events.
There is more. The exaggeration has transformed to become a method of the enemy to deal with the events; and the numbers which the Zionists remember are now being regarded as a “joke” by the world media means.
What has changed?
What has changed is that the Arabs, whose words are being believed, are now creating the events, steering the paths, and making the decisions. On the other hand, the enemy is now reacting.
The enemy has become incompetent, exaggerating and hallucinating; and claiming false victories.
Mahmoud Raya

العدو والانتصارات الوهمية

كان العرب عاجزين، وكانوا يسدون عجزهم بإطلاق شعارات كبرى وادعاء انتصارات وهمية، وتسجيل أرقام هائلة من الخسائر في صفوف العدو الصهيوني.. ثم تأتي الوقائع لتكشف أن ما يحصل على الأرض معاكس للشعارات، ومناقض للانتصارات، وبعيد كل البعد عن الأرقام الحقيقية.‏
حاول البعض القول إن هذا النمط من التعامل مع الصراع ونتائجه نابع من الذات العربية التي تميل إلى المبالغة والتهويل وإطلاق الكلام على عواهنه.‏
وأصر البعض الآخر على أن هذه المبالغات العربية هي حال كل القاصرين والمقصرين في كل أنحاء العالم، فهم يسدون بالكلام ثغرات الفعل، ويفرشون بالأحلام صحراء الواقع.‏
بعض العرب لم يتغيروا، ولم يعرفوا لماذا لم يتغيروا، لأنهم استمروا كما كانوا، وبقوا على الحال التي وُلدوا عليها، وعاش عليها آباؤهم.‏
وبعض العرب باتوا يقولون ما يفعلون، وباتت أرقامهم تؤخذ بمثابة مستندات لا تقبل الرد، وصارت تقويماتهم للتطورات تصبح هي الرواية الرسمية للأحداث.‏
لا بل أكثر من ذلك، لقد انتقل التهويل ليصبح وسيلة العدو للتعامل مع الأحداث، وصارت الأرقام التي يذكرها الصهاينة تُعامل كـ"مزحة" من قبل وسائل الإعلام العالمية.‏
فما الذي تغير؟‏
ما تغير أن العرب الذين تصدق أقوالهم باتوا هم الذين يصنعون الأحداث، وهم الذين يوجهون المسارات، وهم الذين يتخذون القرارات.. وصار العدو يعمل برد الفعل.‏
صار العدو عاجزاً، وأخذ يبالغ ويهذي.. ويدعي انتصارات وهمية.‏
محمود ريا‏

Double Message; Conclusive Retaliation

The Zionists have waited a long time, hoping that their aspirations will be spontaneously achieved in Lebanon. They gambled on the success of those who embraced the US flag in Lebanon, hoping that they will achieve that which they could not; and they employed for this aim all their military, political and media means.
However, Washington asked Tel Aviv to give the agents a chance to carry out their tasks, but they could not fulfill their commitments. Hence, the issue that worries the Zionists – with the Americans behind – remains unsolved, the horizon remains blocked, and the broad hopes failed because of the steadfastness of the Lebanese nation and the firmness of its resistance against all attempts of intimidation and temptation.
The Zionists lost hope hence, desperation can be a motive to carry out mad actions, a part of which is “the re-testing of the same experience,” with an attempt to take the matters into their own hands.
This is where the direct Israeli involvement in the developments of the Lebanese arena came raw and devoid of any attempt at covering, reaching the extent that drove the enemy and ally to say that the Zionist acts last Sunday represent a term that must be used by “those concerned” during the next round of dialogue, which will include only the issue of the defensive strategy of Lebanon.
After widening their aggression on Lebanon, the Zionists wanted to send a threatening message to the resistance and a supportive message to the opposite side on the Lebanese arena, hoping that these two messages will succeed in adjusting the “balanced” symmetry of forces on the Lebanese arena, and add weight to the viewpoint of one team against another.
However, the facts, which were collected after the dust of the Zionist shelling coupled with the dust of the hostile informative intimidation cleared off, indicated that the Zionist aspirations were not achieved, and that they fell again into the trap.
On the military level, the calculations of the reality on field did not match the dreams of the generals who are sitting in their head quarters in “the Zionist depth” or inside the HQ of Jalil division that was bombed. Those residing inside felt the truth of the resisting act that intercepted the hostile employment of combat mediums of high style.
Instead of having the new equation based on the Zionist capacity and the resisting frustration, the resistance fighters thwarted the Zionist plan and forced the enemies in a tangible form to change the tactics used in the fortifications and outposts in the north!
And although the “military mail box” had returned the message to its posters with the necessary “clarifications,” yet, the “political box” received the message to the extent of expressing a welcoming of this intervention, even if it had to be a form of condemning the Zionist attacks on the Lebanese areas in order to send poisoned messages in all the directions as well as launch the political and media horns to start violent attacks on the choice of the resistance and its arms.
Those who wondered – and still wonder – about the use of the resistance continuation can learn a lesson from the events last week to reach the conviction that the resistance is the only method of retaliation against the Zionist messages that are full of hatred, destruction and evilness. And that the resistance alone can “surprise” the enemy and prevent it from encroaching upon Lebanon and its dignity, sovereignty, liberty and independence. This is exactly the meaning of the Day of the Resistance and Liberation which Lebanon celebrated this year as one of the best holidays, although it did not gain the blessing of those in authority to be officially marked as a holiday.
Mahmoud Raya